LTE Rural & Remote Solution Guide

Accelleran is aware of the fact that rural connectivity still is a current problem. With the installation of our small cells in rural and remote areas, everybody can enjoy of a perfect internet connection. Download our Rural and Remote Solution Guide and read more about the opportunities Accelleran can offer for rural and remote areas.

LTE Small Cell Software datasheet

Our carrier grade 4G software solutions are ready to support your Small Cell or V-RAN architectures. Read our technical specifications in our Datasheet.

 LTE E1000 Series Small Cell datasheet

Would you like to have more information about Accelleran’s E1000 Series small cells? Download here our E1000 Series Small Cell datasheet

 LTE CBRS Small Cell datasheet

Would you like to have more information about Accelleran’s CBRS Small Cell? Download here the CBRS Small Cell datasheet

 LTE OpenCellular datasheet

Would you like to have more information about Accelleran’s on LTE OpenCellular? Download here the Accelleran on LTE OpenCellular Small Cell datasheet

LTE Satellite Application Note

The latest generation of satellite VSAT technologies, combined with the economies of HTS and the evolution of 4G LTE small cells, provide exciting new business opportunities for Private LTE networks and new market verticals. Read the new Accelleran application note.

Smart Cities Application Note

Demand for mobile broadband has been increasing dramatically during the last few years driven by smartphone usage and the support of new services with smartphone applications. Many of the Smart Services that can be offered by Smart Cities to their citizens, some of them driven or based themselves on Internet of Things sensor networks, are also ultimately delivered to the users via their smartphones. City connectivity infrastructure is one of the three infrastructure pillars of next generation infrastructure needed in Smart Cities to support the different Smart Services that can be offered by a digital city ecosystem. New business models such as Neutral Host are being enabled. Read the new Accelleran application note.

Dense Networking for the 21st Century Whitepaper

Much has been written about the challenges facing the wireless industry in the age of ubiquitous smart mobile devices and massive connectivity. The scale of the challenge is not to be underestimated –reference is often made justifiably to a fourth industrial revolution.

The expectations which the industry is setting for 5G (1Gbps throughput, massive MTC, low latency communications,…) means that telecommunications service providers can simply no longer afford to continue to build their networks from hardware-based “black-boxes”.

There are fundamental economic and market-based challenges driving two of the most significant characteristics of the next generation network: cell site densification – driven by the exponential increase in capacity needs – and network function virtualization – driven by the need for cost-effective, agile delivery of bespoke services to a range of different user groups.

Accelleran is leading the way in developing the future network – delivering real-world solutions today in 4G and Advanced 4G and working at the forefront of global initiatives for 5G and network virtualization such as ONF M-CORD and Facebook TIP. This white paper will set out the vision for 2020 and beyond towards which we are working today.