Multi Carrier E3000 and E4000 Series

Multi Carrier Local Area E3000 and E4000 Series

The Accelleran E3000 and E4000 Series are based on the new-generation multi-carrier platform and enables more advanced network deployments beyond the traditional Single Cell capabilities of the Small Cells of today. This next-generation platform supports more advanced MIMO schemes (up to 8×8 MIMO) and up to 4 carriers, either in carrier aggregation or in multi-cell (multi-sector and/or multi-band) schemes. This enables aggregation of 3 to 4 carriers for high capacity, 3 to 4 independent sector solutions or support for 3 to 4 participating operators using MORAN (MONeH- Multi-Operator Neutral Host)

This new range of next generation products enables

  • Carrier aggregation of up to 4 x 20 MHz channels in different TDD and FDD bands
  • 2-sector, 3-sector or 4-sector Multi-Cells, either in a single band or in multiple bands from the usual TDD and FDD bands
  • Aggregation of up to 80 MHz of spectrum in different CBRS GAA and PAL channels
  • MORAN Neutral Host solutions

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