Accelleran and Netsia show network and RAN slicing on LTE carrier grade Small Cells at SCWS Americas 17

San Jose, US, 4th December 2017Accelleran and Netsia will present a live demonstration of dynamically programmable RAN Slicing on Accelleran’s carrier grade E1000 Series Small Cells using Netsia’s SDN-based RAN Slicing technology ProgRAN and Accelleran’s flexible RAN Control Plane small cell software solution, at Small Cell World Summit Americas in San Jose.

Accelleran and Netsia have been collaborating in their respective technologies for the past few years.

Accelleran has focused several years of development on a scalable and fully abstracted RAN Control Plane. This software defined control plane is the missing link in achieving a truly flexible RAN that can be adapted to any use-case, while optimizing capacity, independent of the RAN Hardware. The Accelleran E1000 outdoor products are fully integrated and cost-optimised small cells which are in production now and available for order globally in different bands, including the US CBRS. The E1000’s offer macro-quality performance in a small, low-power form factor and are capable of supporting the Multi-Operator and Neutral Host models to offer turn-key Private LTE solutions.

Netsia´s ProgRAN on the other hand, brings in the RAN Slicing capability. Using ProgRAN, Service Providers can slice their spectrum by defining different service types and dynamically configuring their characteristics and making them available as an access or ‘connectivity’ service. Programmable configuration allows service providers to tap into their enterprise customers’ ever-changing connectivity requirements, be it for a short period services or specific network characteristics and to open their RAN resources to different business models, making better use of their RAN resources.

The joint demonstration shows that network slicing complete with RAN slicing is available on current LTE technology today, while being future-proof for 5G Architectures.

“We are very excited to continue our collaboration with Netsia on Virtualisation and RAN Slicing. In 5G, the newer use-cases like low latency, low power, Quality of Service (QoS), require slicing throughout the RAN and core to differentiate the services and to enable the disruptive business use-cases like Neutral Host for Smart Cities, private networks, etc. RAN slicing is key in this as are the newer frequencies like 3.5 GHz LTE-TDD that Accelleran have been pioneering” said Frédéric Van Durme, CEO of Accelleran.

“We are pleased to continue working with Accelleran offering ProgRAN’s dynamic RAN slicing capabilities on a carrier grade platform. ProgRAN allows Accelleran E1000 Small Cells to programmatically adapt itself to different service requirements and customer experience needs. This means that an operator will be able to offer network services and generate revenue from different industries, such as IoT, healthcare or automotive, using a RAN-As-A-Service business model.” commented Oguz Oktay, Netsia’s Vice President, Wireless Solutions.


About Accelleran:

Founded by a team of industry veterans in December 2012, Accelleran is pioneering a disruptive approach to the delivery of cost-effective, carrier and mission-critical grade TDD and FDD Small Cell networks and Small Cell software solutions through its focus on software quality and partnerships with volume manufacturers.

Accelleran provides Mobile RAN software and LTE Small Cell product solutions addressing the real-world challenges of increasing data volumes and 5G applications. Accelleran’s unique software architecture is genuinely independent from any hardware platform. Operators and Neutral Hosts can leverage one LTE software solution for integrated small cells and for disaggregated and virtualised RAN networks. Accelleran’s RAN Controller is a core piece of every future hyper-dense 5G network, being it part of a small cell or virtualised in the cloud. The complexity of 5G networks will be controlled by an intelligent, robust and carrier grade control plane for which Accelleran is bringing a scalable and transportable architecture solution. With a global Cellular Industry’s leading design team, Accelleran has developed the vision and the products for a truly dense and programmable 5G Mobile Network.

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About Netsia:
Netsia specialises in software defined networks, virtualisation of network resources and RAN slicing.

Netsia invests in new technologies, showcases them through proof-of-concept and key use-case implementations by demonstrating the opportunities that these new technologies have to offer. Believing in the power of collaboration and complementing partnerships, Netsia is open to forming strategic partnerships with those that complement its innovations, solutions and vision. Netsia actively contributes to the  open source community and takes part in open forums.


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