Accelleran and Eurona Telecom show live 3.5GHz Smart City connectivity infrastructure at Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain, 14 November 2017Accelleran and Eurona Telecom are collaborating to show live demonstrations of Accelleran’s small cell software solutions and 3.5GHz E1000 Small Cell technology at Smart City Expo World Congress 2017. The 3.5GHz “mobile capacity band” is the truly global LTE spectrum band which enables both LTE Advanced and, before long, 5G services for the Smart Cities.

The E1000 outdoor products are fully integrated and cost-optimised small cells which are in production now and available for order globally. The demonstration shows the B42 variant of the E1000 series, the E1010, with embedded EPC option streaming live video from an IP Camera to and from the Belgian Pavilion at Hall 2 E523. The E1000’s offer macro-quality performance in a small, low-power form factor and are capable of supporting the Multi-Operator and Neutral Host models – important for Smart City infrastructure. The E1000 series will also be shown integrated in different Smart City lampposts around the Smart City Expo.

“We are very excited to continue our collaboration on LTE Small Cells in 3.5GHz with an innovative operator such as Eurona Telecom, and demonstrate how E1010 can enable Smart City connectivity for carriers and new entrants such as infrastructure suppliers, municipalities, etc to cost-effectively deliver great experiences to their citizens” commented Frédéric Van Durme, CEO of Accelleran. “In 2012 Accelleran set out to raise the quality bar in the Small Cell industry and its small cell software solutions and E1000 series products show what we can do for the Smart City ecosystem now in 4G and before long with 5G too.”

“We are pleased to continue working with Accelleran in the use of LTE small cells and software solutions to bring our services rapidly and cost-effectively to our customers – wherever they happen to be. We see small cells as an increasingly vital network technology to ensure coverage and capacity in the Smart Cities through Neutral Host models” commented Marco Guadalupi, CTO of Eurona Telecom.

Accelleran provides small cell software solutions and Urban, Enterprise, Rural and Remote LTE Small Cells for Fixed Wireless and Mobile access, solving real-world deployment challenges from sparse coverage-constrained deployments through to capacity-constrained ultra-dense HetNet environments. Accelleran offers a range of products which support not only the 3.5GHz mobile capacity and US CBRS bands, but also many other mainstream LTE bands. Additional features such as Network-in-a-box, Multi-Operator Neutral Host/SCaaS, Mobile Edge Computing are also offered, and Accelleran is engaged in a number of projects developing Virtualization, Network Slicing and Internet of Things for 4G and 5G Smart City infrastructure. One of them is the H2020 5GCity project for which Accelleran delivers the virtual RAN software solutions and small cells. This 5GPPP project aims to deliver a distributed cloud and radio platform for 5G Neutral Hosts, with pilots in the city of Barcelona, Bristol and Lucca.


About Accelleran:

Founded by a team of industry veterans in December 2012, Accelleran is pioneering a disruptive approach to the delivery of cost-effective, carrier and mission-critical grade TDD and FDD Small Cell networks and Small Cell software solutions through its focus on software quality and partnerships with volume manufacturers.

Accelleran provides Mobile RAN software and LTE Small Cell product solutions addressing the real-world challenges of increasing data volumes and 5G applications. Accelleran’s unique software architecture is genuinely independent from any hardware platform. Operators and Neutral Hosts can leverage one LTE software solution for integrated small cells and for disaggregated and virtualised RAN networks. Accelleran’s RAN Controller is a core piece of every future hyper-dense 5G network, being it part of a small cell or virtualised in the cloud. The complexity of 5G networks will be controlled by an intelligent, robust and carrier grade control plane for which Accelleran is bringing a scalable and transportable architecture solution. With a global Cellular Industry’s leading design team, Accelleran has developed the vision and the products for a truly dense and programmable 5G Mobile Network.

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About Eurona Telecom:
Eurona Telecom is a LTE TDD Content Service Provider using 3.5GHz spectrum for urban and suburban environments with its “4G at home” service. Additionally, Eurona Telecom offers WiFi hotspot indoor (deployments in 100.000 hotel bedrooms, 28 Spanish airports, shopping malls and congress fair locations through its KubiWireless subsidiary) and Internet SAT solutions based in KA Sat technology. Eurona is also present internationally in UK, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Peru amongst other countries.

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