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MNOs seeking to provide coverage to urban/suburban areas with Small Cells instead of Macrocells

Accelleran’s solutions enable lowest TCO for operators wishing to deploy a Small Cell layer instead of using a Macrocell layer in urban/suburban deployments, particularly in situations where wired or wireless backhaul is readily available.

New Entrants (OTTs, City Councils, Vertical Industries,…) seeking to deploy Small Cells to enable value added services and neutral host solutions in Smart Cities

Accelleran’s solutions can enable new business models and added value services via their Neutral Host, Embedded EPC and Mobile Edge Computing enabling technologies.

Local WISPs providing FWA

Accelleran’s cost optimised solutions, whether using high directional or omnidirectional antennas, enable the stringent business models of very small and local WISPs to deliver FWA services in small towns and areas, including the integration of embedded EPC functionality for lowest cost single small cell network deployments.

MNOs seeking to enhance coverage and/or capacity with a Small Cells complementing Macrocells in a HetNet

Accelleran’s solutions can also be used to complement the Macrocell layer in coverage-constraint scenarios (notspots, badspots) and in capacity-constraint scenarios forming a Hetnet.

MNOs seeking to provide high capacity via hyper-dense Small Cells in urban areas

Accelleran’s solutions can be used together with state of the art SON technology to enable the deployment of a single hyper-dense Small Cell layer to provide the densification needed in capacity-constrained areas.

Vertical System Integrators deploying Remote Small Cells

Accelleran’s solutions can also be deployed in industrial, Sea&Air, Oil&Gas, Tactical, Public Safety, … scenarios due to their small, yet powerful, form factor and the possibility to integrate EPC capability.

Nation-wide WISPs providing FWA

Accelleran’s solutions have been trialled successfully with tier2/3 FWA WISPs seeking to benefit from the economies of scale of LTE away from legacy technology. Our solutions have been trialled in sectorised configurations using high gain directional antennas together with outdoor and indoor CPEs to achieve the range needed to provide Fixed Wireless Access service in coverage-constrained suburban and rural scenarios.