MWC19: Accelleran announces dRAX™ Open Interface RAN Intelligence and 4-carrier Small Cells

Barcelona, Spain, 25 February 2019 Accelleran announces the launch of their 5G-ready multiplatform dRAX™ Open Interface RAN Intelligence virtual RAN solution and multicarrier small cells with live innovative demos, across the different halls of the Mobile World Congress 2019, and out on the lampposts on the streets of Barcelona as part of neutral-host 5GCity project.

Accelleran dRAX™ Open Interface RAN Intelligence virtual RAN solution delivers a true multi-vendor, disaggregated and virtualised RAN Intelligent Control Plane as per ORAN. This Cloud Native solution managed and orchestrated through Kubernetes (containers) or OpenStack (VMs) supports key 5G paradigms and enables true scalability and interoperability with carrier and mission critical grade software quality (MISRA).

See this disruptive innovation at Accelleran’s booth (Hall7 7G71), live with 5GCity in the streets of Barcelona (Poble Nou district), integrated in ONF’s M-CORD (Hall1 1E18) or in the 5G Adaptive Edge solution in cooperation with Cellnex (CS64) and Intel (Hall3 3E31).

The E4000 Series, jointly designed with Cellxica (Hall7 7H18) is a compact High Capacity Multicarrier Advanced LTE Small Cell, supporting up to 4 carriers with 2×2 MIMO (or 2 carriers with 4×4 MIMO), 512 users and 24 dBm / 250 mW power per antenna port. It enables of deployment of single MNO multisector solution, single MNO Carrier Aggregation (up to 80 MHz) or neutral host multiple MNO via MORAN/MOCN/Slicing. The E4000 Series is designed to be easily and flexibly deployed as a classic embedded eNB or in an RRU configuration together with Accelleran dRAX™.

“We are very excited to demonstrate how Accelleran’s RAN/vRAN Software Solutions together with our or 3rd Party Small Cells can enable connectivity for carriers and new entrants such as infrastructure suppliers, municipalities, etc… to cost-effectively deliver dense and programmable networks now and in the upcoming 5G architectures” commented Frédéric Van Durme, CEO of Accelleran. “In 2013 Accelleran set out to raise the quality bar in the Small Cell industry and its RAN/vRAN software solutions and products show what we can do for the industry now in 4G and before long with 5G too.”

Accelleran will be present at MWC19 in the following booths:

  • Accelleran @7G71 showing Accelleran dRAX™ Open Inteface RAN Intelligence and Neutral Host 5GCity lampost
  • ONF @1E18 showing Accelleran vRAN solutions with Kubernetes and Small Cells
  • 4YFN TEAC UK @M8 M4.7 showing Accelleran Small Cells and Accelleran RAN solutions integrated on Opencellular
  • CellXica @7H18 showing advanced single carrier and 4-carrier platforms based on Marvell Fusion-M CNF73xx running Accelleran RAN solution
  • Allen Vanguard Wireless @5A11 showing High Power L1000 and L1000 Backpack products running Accelleran RAN solution
  • Intel @3E31 showing 5G Adaptive Edge using Accelleran vRAN solutions and Small Cells
  • Cellnex @CS64 showing 5G Adaptive Edge using Accelleran vRAN solutions and Small Cells
  • Cisco @3E30 with 5GRuralFirst using Accelleran RAN solutions integrated in TIP OpenCellular platforms
  • Athonet @5M2MR showing Cloud Based EPC with local breakout and Accelleran Small Cells


About Accelleran:

Accelleran was founded in 2013 to meet the global need for high quality, carrier-grade, reliable 4G LTE and 5G software and design solutions to power the future mobile networks. The founding team are veterans of the wireless and small cell industry, working together since 2007.

Accelleran provides Mobile RAN software and LTE Small Cell product solutions addressing the real-world challenges of increasing data volumes and 5G applications, calling for hyperdense networks. Accelleran’s unique software architecture is genuinely independent from any hardware platform. Operators can leverage one software solution for integrated small cells and for disaggregated and virtualised RAN networks with slicing and edge capabilities. With a global Cellular Industry’s leading design team, Accelleran is the technology choice for carrier grade, reliable, performant Small Cells and Radio Access Network software solutions for Fixed Wireless Access, Public Mobile, Private Network, Neutral Host or IOT/Vertical industries solution providers.



Visit us at MWC19: Hall 7  7G71 (Belgian Pavilion)

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