Lindsay Broadband and Accelleran Teamed up with Cogeco to Test the Fixed Wireless Access Technology, the Integrated DOCSIS® Cable Modem and the LTE Small Cell Network in Quebec, Canada


Peterborough, ON, Antwerp, Belgium, and Montreal, QC, July 21, 2020 – Lindsay Broadband and Accelleran today announced that Cogeco Communications Inc. is testing their LBSCS-A1-EA one-box small cell solution for LTE deployments over HFC networks with DOCSIS backhaul, in the context of a multi-vendor field trial on Cogeco’s network in the province of Quebec.

Lindsay Broadband and Accelleran have teamed up to deliver a one-box solution comprising an LTE small cell operating in the 3.5 GHz band (42), an industrial-hardened DOCSIS 3.1 modem, and a surge protected power supply system (40-90 VAC cable plant input is converted to DC and PoE). This solution is generally intended for deployments in enterprise, public urban and suburban scenarios to complement macro coverage with additional focused capacity, or as a single layer, ultra-dense, small cell-only network.

Lindsay has received the required certification from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) for use in Canada.

“Cogeco strives to provide an exceptional customer experience, and we are always looking for ways to increase our geographic reach and expansion into new telecommunication market segments,” said Marie Ginette Lepage, Vice President Wireless Solutions and Innovation at Cogeco. “This exercise, done with Lindsay Broadband and Accelleran, is another step on our path towards entering the wireless market.”

“Cogeco and Lindsay Broadband have had a working relationship since 1990, including the first Canadian strand-mounted DOCSIS Wi-Fi® deployment in 2005. Lindsay’s extensive design and engineering experience in combination with Accelleran’s radio and software technology have resulted in the ability to quickly produce a technician-friendly, fast-to-deploy, HFC plant-powered small cell solution,” said David Atman, President of Lindsay Broadband. “Lindsay’s small cell power and backhaul gateway strategy has been providing a cost-effective solution for cable operators since 2015. The integration of the Accelleran radio allows operators to utilize existing infrastructure for new ROI in one housing.”

“We are very excited to see the result of this collaboration with Cogeco and Lindsay Broadband on a very focussed LTE small cell deployment into a cable network which will enable fixed wireless and future mobile services to be delivered over an HFC infrastructure,” commented Frédéric Van Durme, CEO of Accelleran. “In 2012, Accelleran set out to raise the quality bar in the small cell industry and its small cell RAN/vRAN software solutions, E1000 Series products and new dRAX Open Interface RAN Intelligence show what we can do for the industry now with 4G, and before long, with 5G as well.”

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Accelleran was founded in 2012 to meet the global need for high quality, carrier-grade, reliable 4G LTE and 5G software and design solutions to power the future mobile networks. The founding team are veterans of the wireless and small cell industry, working together since 2007.Accelleran provides Mobile RAN and vRAN software and LTE small cell product solutions addressing the real-world challenges of increasing data volumes and 5G applications calling for hyperdense networks. Accelleran’s unique software architecture is genuinely independent from any hardware platform. Accelleran offers a range of products which support not only the 3.5 GHz mobile capacity and US OnGo/CBRS bands, but also many other mainstream LTE bands. Additional features such as Network-in-a-box, Multi-Operator Neutral Host/SCaaS, Mobile Edge Computing are also offered and Accelleran is engaged in a number of projects developing Virtualization, Network Slicing and Internet of Things for 4G and 5G Smart City infrastructure which are leveraging the Accelleran dRAX disaggregated Open Interface RAN Intelligence. One of them is the H2020 5GCity project for which Accelleran delivers the virtual RAN software solutions and small cells. This 5G-PPP project aims to deliver a distributed cloud and radio platform for 5G Neutral Hosts, with pilots in the city of Barcelona, Bristol and Lucca. One software solution for integrated small cells and for disaggregated and virtualised RAN networks with slicing and edge capabilities. With a global cellular industry’s leading design team, Accelleran is the technology choice for carrier grade, reliable, performant small cells and Radio Access Network software for Fixed Wireless Access, Public Mobile, Private Network, Neutral Host or IOT/Vertical industries solution providers. For more information visit

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Cogeco Inc. is a diversified holding corporation which operates in the communications and media sectors. Its Cogeco Communications Inc. subsidiary provides residential and business customers with Internet, video and telephony services through its two-way broadband fibre networks, operating in Québec and Ontario, Canada, under the Cogeco Connexion name,  and in the United States under the Atlantic Broadband brand (in 11 states along the East Coast, from Maine to Florida). Its Cogeco Media subsidiary owns and operates 23 radio stations with complementary radio formats and extensive coverage serving a wide range of audiences mainly across the province of Québec, as well as Cogeco News, a news agency. Cogeco’s subordinate voting shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: CGO). The subordinate voting shares of Cogeco Communications Inc. are also listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: CCA).

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