MWC18: Accelleran announces 5G-ready multiplatform RAN Controller VNF driving vRAN and Network Slicing solutions on their E1000 Small Cells.

Barcelona, Spain, 23 February 2018 Accelleran will be showing several live demonstrations of their Small Cell Virtual RAN and Slicing solutions on 3.5GHz and 2.6GHz E1000 Small Cell products at Mobile World Congress 2018.

The E1000 Series outdoor products are fully integrated and cost-optimised small cells which are in production now and available for order globally in different TDD and FDD band variants, including 3.5GHz and CBRS. They are based on the fully integrated version of Accelleran Small Cell software solutions which can also be deployed in vRAN architectures with Slicing capabilities. Accelleran is also announcing the E3000 Series high capacity Small Cells supporting multicarrier operation to enable carrier aggregation, 3-sector multicell solutions and MORAN based Neutral Host offerings, and several new bands and higher power variants of its E1000 series.

Accelleran’s RAN Controller is unique in the market. The Control Plane is developed according the highest coding standards (MISRA) and passing the most stringent conformance testing frameworks (TTCN3). The Control Plane is therefore fully independent and transportable. It can serve as VNF in any kind of SDN/NFV service chain enabling a fully disaggregated RAN architecture.

The first demonstration live on 3.5GHz spectrum shows the B42 variant of the E1000 series with embedded EPC option. The E1000 Small Cell is shown integrated in the City of Barcelona lamppost radome, streaming media between a local Media Server located at the very same lamppost and a commercial 3.5GHz smartphone. The live spectrum is provided by our Partner Eurona (see separate press release).

The second demonstration, also live on 3.5GHz spectrum, located at the Belgian Pavilion at Hall 7G71 Console 42, shows a vRAN implementation of Accelleran Software Solutions enabling Neutral Host via Network Slicing capabilities with the E1000 Small Cell operating with different 3.5GHz devices (including smartphones) and providing differentiated services via that Network Slicing. We will show dynamic redeployment of the same VNF between central servers in the cloud, distributed servers at the edge and embedded deployment in an embedded MIPS-based RRU.

The third demonstration, on 2.6GHz on a cabled environment, will show full Network and RAN Slicing enabling the differentiation and control of quality of service dynamically.

The fourth demonstration, running on a local server, will show how Accelleran TTCN3-based stringent host testing framework is applied to validate and verify the carrier and mission-critical grade quality of the Accelleran VNF RAN controller.

The E1000’s offer macro-quality performance in a small, low-power form factor and are capable of supporting the Multi-Operator and Neutral Host models. The vRAN implementation of Accelleran Software Solutions together with the E1000 series and multicarrier E3000 Series Small Cells enable 5G use cases already in 4G and offers a smooth migration path towards 5G virtualised architectures and the dense and programmable networks of the future.

“We are very excited to demonstrate how Accelleran vRAN Software Solutions together with the E1000 Series and high capacity multicarrier E3000 Series Small Cells can enable connectivity for carriers and new entrants such as infrastructure suppliers, municipalities, etc… to cost-effectively deliver dense and programmable networks now and in the upcoming 5G architectures” commented Frédéric Van Durme, CEO of Accelleran. “In 2012 Accelleran set out to raise the quality bar in the Small Cell industry and its small cell software solutions and E1000 and E3000 series products show what we can do for the industry now in 4G and before long with 5G too.”

Accelleran will also be present at MWC18 with its partners:

  • Netsia will also show an end-to-end RAN Slicing system at their booth integrated with ONAP, CORD and P4 (Hall1 1C40) and you can also see this RAN slicing demo that uses Accelleran’s E1000 at the Telefonica booth (Hall3 3K31).
  • Accelleran cooperates with cellXica (Hall7 7H22) to bring Multi-Carrier products to market based on Cavium’s Octeon Fusion-M CN73xx.
  • Accelleran integrates its E1000 Series small cells with Allen Vanguard Wireless (Hall5 5A11) advanced radio technology.
  • We are also pleased to showcase our latest E1000 model at the Parallel Wireless booth (Hall5 5I5). This collaboration delivers a high QoS, cost-effective indoor solution that is self-configured and self-optimized via HetNet Gateway with easy deployment and maintenance for enterprises of any size, private or public.
  • Accelleran will be participating in the joint ADVA and British Telecom MWC18 demo on multilayer network slicing and assurance for 5G. (Hall 7 7H31) Find our newsquote HERE and Adva’s Press Release HERE.
  • We also have announced our partnership with Spanish Operator Eurona, that is providing spectrum for our live demo’s. See the Press Release HERE.



About Accelleran:

Accelleran was founded in 2013 to meet the global need for high quality, carrier-grade, reliable 4G LTE and 5G software and design solutions to power the future mobile networks. The founding team are veterans of the wireless and small cell industry, working together since 2007.

Accelleran provides Mobile RAN software and LTE Small Cell product solutions addressing the real-world challenges of increasing data volumes and 5G applications, calling for hyperdense networks. Accelleran’s unique software architecture is genuinely independent from any hardware platform. Operators can leverage one software solution for integrated small cells and for disaggregated and virtualised RAN networks with slicing and edge capabilities. With a global Cellular Industry’s leading design team, Accelleran is the technology choice for carrier grade, reliable, performant Small Cells and Radio Access Network software solutions for Fixed Wireless Access, Public Mobile, Private Network, Neutral Host or IOT/Vertical industries solution providers.



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