Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Small Cells are well suited to many Internet of Things use cases, from the current fragmented IoT market using short range wireless technologies, to the LTE enabled NB-IOT/LTE-M scenarios and all the way up to the final incorporation of the vertical IoT industries in 5G, where Small Cells will become critical.

• IoT with short range wireless technologies

Accelleran Local Area Small Cell solutions are capable of flexibly incorporating different short range wireless communication technologies (Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee,…) to enable, via the IoT-GW MEC use case, the interconnection of city sensor networks to the Internet through Small Cell backhaul and also enabling the connectivity of LTE devices connected through the Small Cell to Bluetooth/WiFi/ZigBee/… devices locally available via LIPA (local breakout).

• IoT using NB-IOT/LTE-M

The Accelleran LTE Small Cells evolution will also support NB-IOT and LTE-M versions of the 3GPP standard to enable IoT beyond traditional wireless local area technologies. Its main benefit is better indoor coverage for the sensors and lower power consumption (longer battery life) for the IoT sensors than the case where NB-IOT/LTE-M is deployed in more distant macrocells.

• IoT using 5G

Accelleran is engaged in the research and development of the upcoming 5G standards which will incorporate IoT and vertical industries as two of the main use cases of the technology.