MONeH (Multi-Operator Neutral Host)

MONeH (Multi-Operator Neutral Host)

Neutral host functionality in Small Cells enables not only the deployment of infrastructure with a lower TCO for the operators who share telecommunication infrastructure, but can also enable new business models. MONeH will also allow new intrants into the market, for example those who have assets such as additional spectrum (for example 3.5GHz licensees), access to power and fiber backhaul for the small cell (cable operators, city councils,…) and places to deploy them (public urban furniture from city councils, private premise owners,…).

Accelleran´s flexible architecture, network-in-a-box functionality and next generation multi-carrier solutions enable different approaches to multi-operator neutral host scenarios:

  • GWCN: Accelleran network-in-a-box products can be used to connect to different operators P-GWs/HSSs while keeping a centralised MME and S-GW in the box
  • MOCN: Accelleran single cell products can be used to connect to different operator EPCs by connecting via their respective MME/S-GW
  • MORAN: Accelleran multi-cell single-band products can support cells dedicated to a specific operator´s carriers/bands


5Gcity Platform Neutral Host Video


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