Accelleran RAN/vRAN Neutral Host Solutions in 5G Guimaraes

Accelleran and Ubiwhere, partners of the 5GCity consortium, jointly installed, in the city of Guimarães, Portugal, a new kind of multi-tenant and multi-technology street urban furniture, offering Neutral Hosts the chance to use common multi-purpose streetlight poles to provide cellular infrastructure and connectivity.

The Smart Lamppost solution, co-developed by Ubiwhere, had integrated both an Electrical Vehicle Charging Station, alongside a fully functioning LTE network, made possible by Accelleran’s E1000 Small Cells and Accelleran RAN/vRAN Neutral Host solutions.

The unveiling of the solution took place during the kickoff of “Guimarães 5G Ready” project – a long-term vision of the city of Guimarães to digitalise common infrastructure to build a network of connected things, empowering new businesses and universities, accelerating the research and development of new and innovative services.


Through Small Cell densification and 5G virtualization technology, Cities can re-invent how telco infrastructure is deployed and how a widely available 3-Tier 5G architecture network may be deployed at street-level. Accelleran’s RAN/vRAN  Solutions which include the virtualized Open RAN Intelligence (dRAX™) enable the digital transformation and technological advances in the infrastructure and services of the Smart Cities. Different Mobile Network Operators, using Accelleran’s disaggregated and virtualized dRAX™ Control Plane RAN Intelligence enabling Neutral Hosts can take advantage of this network and Service Providers can deliver different use cases anywhere.

The 5GCity project is developing a distributed cloud and radio platform for municipalities and infrastructure owners acting as 5G Neutral Hosts. It is a completely de-centralised 3-tier architecture where compute, storage and networking are allocated between core and edge segments of the 5G network infrastructure. On top of this distributed infrastructure, we provide unified control and orchestration of all the radio-edge-core resources, through powerful APIs and serviced design toolkits for innovative vertical application services, e.g. to program connectivity with QoS, implement flexible media acquisition, transcoding, etc. The 5GCity 5G Network Slicing and Service Orchestration technologies are used in live city pilots in the cities of Barcelona(ES), Bristol (UK) and Lucca (IT) to run trials of Media Verticals use cases which will assess how a Neutral Host operator can offer mobile connectivity solutions on demand to implement dedicated network slices for different media services in areas with a high concentration of users.

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